Time to clap!

Bannière du podcast "Time to Clap!"

Time to Clap! radio program has been released to participate to an other project called Enjoy Share Learn English. It is a platform to learn English by creating and sharing articles and multimedia content about topics you enjoy!

Althought the radio program is a student project, it is first of all a personal project. I and my friends are very enthusiastic about radio and podcasting. So we took heart into create and record this program.

The aim of our program is to share an entertainment moment around a topic –cinema–  which gathers together a large community and to propose having a thought about questions in movies. For our first show, we have chosen to deal with The Truman Show, still in connection with the news even years after its release.
The program lasts 20 minutes.

Our work divides into the following points:

  1. Focus on Jim Carrey
  2. Product placement
  3. Psychology of the actors
  4. Voyeurism
  5. Allegory of the Cave, Plato
  6. Analysis of the end
  7. Utopia

The structure of the publication on the dedicated website is as follows:

Maquette d'intégration du projet dans le site ESL

  • Podcast
  • Description: synopsis of the program + topic of the day and guest
  • Vocabulaire notebook associated to each program
  • Script (reading comprehension accompaniying the listening)
  • Poster and stills of the movie

This radio project meets the needs of the platform ESLEnglish thanks to the entire skills used by the program.

  • SPEAKING for those who record the program,
  • LISTENING because it is an audio podcast with some extracts of movie,
  • READING because people can download the script and read the article which support the publication of the program,
  • WRITING for those who want to share their own review or want to comment the program on the website.


  • Recording studio
  • Audacity
  • Google Drive
  • Photoshop

This program has been directed by Alexia Besnarous, Angèle Caignec, JingHui Ma. With the collaboration of Cyril Castera and Cécile Boré’s support.

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